Drawing Things Found in the Woods

on 08 June 0 Comment

Since spending the weekend in Honeoye New York in the Finger Lakes, I’ve been doodling and sketching the woods whenever I get a chance. Everything from my work notebook to my watercolor pads are covered in fern abstractions.

Living in Brooklyn, it’s easy to forgot how much I used to love just exploring the woods when I was a kid. Where we visit in the Finger Lakes there are thirty two acres of land up a hill, with walks over streams, stretches of bright florescent ferns, and tiny frogs waiting for you on the path. Just the past weekend there was a bear that wandered into the property.

Sketching the woods has also turned out to be a perfect time to start teaching myself pattern making based on my sketchbook. I found a glorious tutorial on Oh My! about pattern making in photoshop that I adopted to my hand drawings.

These above are my first tries—I’m sure I have so much more to go to improve this design process–but I’m in love with the idea of making fabric and paper prints based on a pattern I’ve drawn.

I’m going to start cataloging my designs on Spoonflower too, if you’re interested. Not sure I’m ready to sell fabric, but still interested in arranging everything as I get better.